Enigma's Settings Modifier


Settings Modifier won't start

An error while starting up could be due to a number of different problems. The most common problems and solutions are:

  • Failed to extract data files: If you downloaded the ZIP package, make sure you have fully extracted it before running.
  • Failed to initialize the program: Make sure you have League of Legends installed, as the settings modifier changes some of the game's data files. If you continue to get the error, contact me with the required debug information.

If no error message appears and you have automatic updates enabled, there may be issues with the update process. You can disable automatic updates manually by editing 'options.txt' and changing the line "updatestartup:1" to "updatestartup:0".

Settings fail to save

The most common cause of a saving error is due to a lack of administrator privileges to modify files in the game directory, especially if you have League of Legends installed in one of the 'Program Files' folders. Make sure that you have administrator privileges when running the item changer by right-clicking on the item changer executable and selecting Run as administrator.

All other problems

Feel free to contact me with the required debug information and I will help you out as soon as I can.

Contact Me

If you are having problems that you haven't been able to fix, send me a quick email explaining your problem as well as the file 'lastrun.log' created in the 'logs' folder (if are having problems when running the item changer).